Cherri's Chocol'art Caramels

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Cherri's Chocol'art Caramels

If you haven't tried Cherri's amazing melt-in-your-mouth caramels yet, you won't be disappointed! With five delicious flavors they're sure to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth!


Each package is 5.4 oz with approximately 


Salted Caramel - your standard creamy caramel with a hint of sea salt to really bring out the flavor!

Habanero Salted Caramel - looking for something with a kick? These start off sweet but then you start to feel the heat. Great for hot pepper enthusiasts or anyone who wants to spice it up!

Michigan Maple Pecan Salted Caramel - you thought these caramels couldn't get any sweeter, but a little pecan and touch of Michigan maple syrup bring them to a whole new level. 

Coffee Salted Caramel - because everything is better with coffee! Perfect combination of flavors gives a nice taste of coffee without over powering the true caramel taste.  

Ginger Bourbon Salted Caramel - a hint of ginger and the sweetness of bourbon give these caramels an incredible flavor that is like no other. 

Carolina Reaper Caramel - These are HOT! Just the right balance of spicy and sweet, these are worth a try for the spice lovers out there. This batch of Carolina Reaper caramels was made with peppers grown from our own garden! 

Apple Caramel - limited edition flavor! This classic combination of sweet apple and caramel is reminiscent of a caramel coated apple. Yum!